I had never experienced hypnosis but was open to it.

I was in the process of quitting my “day job” and pursuing my passion of being a doula and student midwife. I was scared that I didn't have enough experience to be successful and was afraid to market my business.

After being at a job for 14 years that wasn't rewarding to me, I found my passion in the form of birth. After the birth of my fourth child, I realized that helping mothers through childbirth was my calling and I immediately worked on doula certification with the intent to begin midwifery school once my doula practice had taken off the ground. I completed my doula certification and then became a bit frightened. I had done a few births but wasn't gaining the traction I needed. I knew that I needed to market myself online as well as in person (via birth fairs, visits to OBGYN offices and birth centers, as well as be a featured speaker in birth classes) but I found myself questioning if I had enough experience and knowledge to do this. I worried that I would be seen as a fraud or that clients would immediately turn me away when they saw that I had a minimal number of births under my belt. It was during my maternity leave of my 5th baby that I came across Grace Smith and she was offering a special to talk to her and record a 15-20 min hypnosis over the phone. I was open to the idea and so I set up an appointment. I was really nervous when it was time for my appointment but as soon as I heard [Grace Smith]’s voice, I felt at ease. She asked me several questions about my work, my children, my dream of becoming a successful doula and midwife, among other things. In the time we spoke, [Grace Smith] was able to perfectly summarize what my goal was which really had nothing to do with finances or money but rather that I wanted to help women through childbirth to feel as empowered and amazing as I had felt by trusting their bodies to birth a baby and to know that they could do it. I have always thought that if a woman can give birth, she can do anything and I wanted women to know the powerful being that they are. We then did the hypnosis and Grace Smith sent me a copy via email. After listening to [hypnosis recording] one time, my fear vanished. I'm not sure how or why, but I called a prenatal and postpartum chiropractor and scheduled a meeting to go over my doula services. I didn't question my experience any longer because Grace Smith made me realize that my experience as a mother of 5 was all that I needed and that my heart and maternal knowledge helped me to know and understand what pregnant mothers needed to birth their babies and to ease their labor pains and any fears. My website began to receive more views, I created a Facebook webpage, went to my first birth event where I had my own booth and met several new clients. Grace Smith and hypnosis took away my fear and gave me the confidence to be the practicing doula I am today. I am now a full time doula and began midwifery school 7 months ago and am on my way to realizing my dream. I absolutely know that hypnosis did this for me and have no doubt as to its influence. Thank you so much, Grace Smith. You have changed my life for the better.