[I thought hypnosis was a] last resort after years CBT, 2 rounds of EMDR. Meditation, bio-feedback to manage PTSD.

PTSD was leading. Line of Duty Injury as a firefighter trying to relaunch a new career.

I've tried everything with trying to calm the brain from years of PTSD.
I watch Grace's [videos and] results are better with hypnosis and very gentle voice giving instructions.
I slept for the first time all night without waking up by intrusive thoughts from years of PTSD. Grace needs her own channel.
I started using Grace's motivation Periscope hypnosis and now I'm headed into college as a middle aged male with more confidence. I wish this could be a weekly or monthly opportunity as I feel, see, sleep, positive results. After 5 years being off work and trying to re-launch this was the punch in the arm I needed to feel a win.