I didn't really have a strong preconceived notion of hypnosis. The word did, however, bring to mind an image of a somewhat spooky man with a pendulum saying “You are getting very sleepy..”. So, without having given much thought to hypnosis, that image still resided in my mind.

I have experienced mild to moderate depression and anxiety at various times throughout my life. My depression seemed to be getting more persistent and deeper, and it was harder to find motivation. A few months ago, I made the decision to take steps to heal from past trauma. I realized I can no longer allow the past to hold me back.

My success story is very much a work in progress. I have been a Grace Space member for about a month. (Though I have benefited greatly from Grace's relaxation recordings for longer than that.) Ultimate Anxiety Relief has been amazingly helpful. I feel more calm, centered and confident. I'm finding it easier to keep up with beneficial habits, such as a regular yoga and meditation practice. I do still experience setbacks, but I am less likely to feel overwhelmed when this happens. I also made the decision to join Grace's Hypnotherapy Training Course. I'm so excited to learn and to see where this journey takes me!