I thought you would be “put under” and be under the control of the therapist….Or totally hokey and wouldn't work at all.

Anxiety and anger/mood swings [were the issues I wanted to fix with hypnosis].
I do not like the the way I “behave”, and it makes me feel awful for myself and those around me.

I am a stay-at-home mom in my late forties.  I had one 90 minute breakthrough session with Grace Smith to deal with some increasing anxiety.  I had no prior experience with hypnotherapy. Five years ago, I attended traditional psychotherapy for a year.  The sessions felt good while I was there, but I was seeing no lasting results.

Grace was very forthcoming and honest about what hypnotherapy would and would not do.  I wasn't to expect overnight 100% resolution to my issues. It would probably take several days to see any reduction in my symptoms.

The day after my session, I was in a situation that would instantly trigger a medium amount of anxiety.  I normally feel a sharp energy right in my heart, with a quickened heart and breath rate. I felt absolutely nothing in my heart, no quickness of breath. It was unbelievable.  It didn't even realize the extent I had been living with anxiety until it wasn't there.  I actually tried to recreate the feeling because the absence of my anxiety felt so strange.  It was a breakthrough moment that I needed help, and hypnotherapy could help me.

I also noticed I wasn't as reactive when things didn't go as planned with my husband and teenagers.  We had a minor incident that I normally would have exploded. I had a very calm reaction with no internal anxiety, and I completely moved on.  My reaction was so far from my norm, that my family thought, wow, she is really really upset, and we better steer clear. The changes I was experiencing where quick, drastic, and noticeable to everyone around.

Although I still have some anxiety, the intensity and frequency are dramatically reduced.  With hypnosis, unlike traditional therapy, I see improvements and lasting changes well after my sessions with Grace Smith.