I had no idea what hypnosis was. I meditated on a regular basis though, and was familiar with the concept, and workings, of the subconscious mind, so hypnosis made perfect sense as a way to try to access that part of the mind in a more direct way

I have a terrible habit of getting really excited about something, starting it 100% full on, then getting overwhelmed (which I convince myself is boredom or disinterest) and quitting.

I had started weight lifting, and was loving it, and I really wanted to improve and excel. But I noticed I began to have a common thought pattern where I was beginning to come up with reasons why continuing wasn't worth the time. “Because I would never get anywhere with it, because I wasn't going to be strong enough, because I would probably never be able to learn the technique anyway, because I should be doing other things with my time” and so on and so on. I'm famous for this pattern. I always lose that desire to follow through, and then I move onto something new, and just repeat the process. In my hypnosis session with Grace, she very quickly identified the source of this pattern (as did I once she began asking “breakthrough” questions) as a desire to have some sort of connection with my father, who I had not had a relationship with, but desperately (although subconsciously) just wanted to connect with. He is someone who lives his life with this exact pattern of behavior, even down to starting, and abandoning, a family. It really was a revelation for me, and Grace gave me the mantra, “I finish what I start, I keep my word, I am so rebellious” within my hypnosis, which I listened to each day, and repeated the mantra each time I walked up to the bar, or started to learn any new lift.  And for the first time I can remember, I have completely followed through with something, and more than that, I have excelled, and even competed.  I used hypnosis to get me through the competition process as well, which is a whole other success story because not only did it involve performing in front of a crowd of people (without fainting), but it involved wearing shorts…which is something I have been unable to do, without having an all out panic attack, for over 20 years 🙂