I was surprised at how deeply relaxed I was on the very first session for trying something so new. Grace’s voice was incredibly calming and serene but she spoke with direction and purpose, I truly felt guided going to that place that I always avoided but which has all the answers—deep down with within myself!

After counting down backwards with me, She would ask me questions about what I was feeling or seeing within my body and I would answer. If at any time I was unsure I told her so, and she guided me back to a place that seemed clearer with answers. She was like a spiritual tour guide to this inner place that I seldom visit but was so familiar at the same time. I was really impressed by her intuitive sense of which way to guide me “Counting down” might sounds like some scary amusement ride, but there was no anxiety, it was all very peaceful, smooth, and relaxing. Everything from the room, any other problems from my day or other things on my mind melted away and I was able to really focus on discovering answers within myself.

Even with some of the tougher, long standing painful issues I was dealing with, it strangely isn’t scary to face them when you’re deep in hypnosis. It’s just all very calm and revealing. Sometimes I’ve even laughed along with Grace, during hypnosis when seeing the odd cause of something I didn’t expect. The best part was, is that I know that while Grace guided me, those answers came from Me, and were within me the whole time.

I was able to achieve full turnarounds on several skin related issues, I regained more confidence and peace with my voice (I had some pretty serious vocal hoarseness and tension I was holding there when singing and speaking) and I have shifted many negative thought patterns that were preventing me from being the best version of myself! I feel calmer, more peaceful and forgiving to myself and others.

There are so many areas of my life that hypnosis has helped in, physical, emotional and behavioral. I constantly find myself saying to others “oh you should try hypnosis for that!.” I started doing hypnosis when there seemed to be no other answer or thing to try, so “why not/ what do I have to lose,” but now it is usually my First go-to for help with almost any issue, big or small.

There are no tricks or gimmicks, nothing to believe or not believe. At the end of the session, she counts you up and when open your eyes you see the room differently. Afterwards I’ve often remembered every word of the session and other times it’s just a good fuzzy feeling. But I always feel lighter and like a purer, kinder, more amazing version of myself.

I have recommended Grace Smith to so many people. She can talk to anyone from any walk of life. She always has a smile on her face and when you start your session, the most serene voice you could ever imagine. I have told her things I’ve never told anyone; she makes you feel safe and there is never anything except pure understanding and light beaming from her. Grace’s intuitive gifts are what truly set her apart from not just other healers but other hypnotherapists; she can sense when there is more within you to explore, and that’s what I believe creates her profound, lasting results. Nothing she says ever feels scripted because she is so in the present moment with me that she can truly ask and guide perfectly tailored to my journey that day.

Life is Short. Why would you wait another second hiding behind a habit, a belief, dealing with a physical problem that was holding you back from smiling fully everyday, from feeling less pain and more confidence. Maybe you’ll try hypnocoaching as a last resort, after you have tried everything else and have nothing else to lose.

Working with her has saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars. I had bought so many products or other material items to cover up what really needed to be addressed and If I had just done hypnocoaching…well! I would have saved not only dollars but regained lost time not feeling like my best self in so many crucial areas or my everyday life. And you can’t put a price on that!

My advice? Dive right in and save yourself the time and money and create lasting change now. There’s not a better time than right now to be the best you. The process isn’t scary, it actually makes you feel peaceful and calmer. I am so glad I’ve discovered this amazing work and would recommend it to anyone.

“I had been skeptical about hypnosis but through Grace came to know how powerful and effective it is in uncovering limitations that were holding me back from living my best life. Working with Grace has transformed my relationship with my career, my skin, my self-worth and so much more. I’m always telling people: you should try hypnosis for that! and with Close Your Eyes, Get Free, now everyone can!”