I thought [hypnosis] was a scary concept because I've only seen hypnotists who hypnotize students to do silly acts at a school assembly in the auditorium. I thought they didn't have control over themselves because they said they couldn't remember any of the silly acts the hypnotist had them perform. So it scared me because I have panic and anxiety disorder and one of my irrational fears is to lose control over my own mind and body. So I stayed away from [hypnosis].

I have panic and anxiety disorder where I can have panic attacks at any given time and anxiety has consumed me to where I couldn't drive my own car, I couldn't go out at night, I avoided new situations because I would get anxious and I'd back out. As well as overcoming flying anxiety because I had never been on a plane before.

When I first found out I was going to Florida for Memorial day weekend and the airline tickets were bought, I freaked out full anxiety mode. I am 22 years old and I have panic and anxiety disorder and have had it since I was a baby. So then reason being anxious was because I had never been on a plane before. I was SO scared that I spent the month leading up to the trip researching everything I could about airplanes, travel anxiety, fear of flying, etc etc etc. I walked around work like a zombie because my mind was so engrossed with anxious thoughts of travel and flight. The day finally came and I was nervous like anyone would be, but when it was time to board the plane, I broke down in the ugliest bawling fit I had in many many years. I kept saying over and over again, “I can't! I just want to go home! I've never wanted to go home so badly in my life! I can't do this, I can't!” I heard children ask their mothers why that girl was crying and they said, “Oh, she's just worried about her seat, that's all. There's nothing to be afraid of.” Knowing full well that it was just another irrational nervous traveller. But as soon as I was on the plane and we were taking off, I was relaxed, looking out the window and laughing in no time. I was amazed at how easy flying actually was and couldn't believe that 6.5% of the population suffered from Aviophobia, or fear of flying. That may not sound like a lot, but that's actually 20 million people worldwide! I've talked to many of my friends and family and they too said that they weren't keen on flying either. But I beat that statistic! I beat it and now I enjoy flying! It was because once I was on the plane, my boyfriend (whom was travelling with me and who had to practically drag me mid-panic attack to my seat) reminded me over and over to sit and “listen to those recordings you do.” He was referring to the Grace Smith recordings for anxiety. So I sat back, closed that window shutter, held his hand and closed my eyes and got free and I enjoyed my mental freedom and after my 10 minute hypnosis sessions, which I did a couple times over to go even deeper into relaxation, I was having a wonderful time, realizing that being on a plane was super easy and smooth riding and kind of reminded me like being on a big bus. I was soon looking out the window taking pictures and loving my trip. Now I can't wait for my next plane ride and travel destination.