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PLR + LBL Certification Course

Join us for our December 1st class!

What is the PLR + LBL Certification Course? 

This course is an online-training where you learn how to guide your clients back to a past life (PLR) and into the space in between lives (LBL). Through online lectures and hands-on workshops, you'll complete the course with the confidence and skill to guide your clients through these transformative and enlightening sessions.
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    3 Month Payment plan
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      Here's What You'll Get:
      • Online Lectures: Watch when your schedule allows
      • New Scripts and Tools: Watch your clients experience even more profound results with these techniques 
      • Workshops: Practice on each other before you work with your clients
      • ​Mentor Feedback: Constructive feedback so you're always growing
      • ​Certification: Upon passing, receive our Grace Method PLR and LBL Certification so you can proudly and confidently show your clients you are wonderfully well-educated and capable

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      "Having had a client regress to a past life during a general session, I wanted to be able to be a better guide in future. I absolutely loved doing the PLR & LBL training. Not only was it a nurturing and empathic environment to spend time in but the sessions we got to experience with each other were beautiful and life changing (even though they were practice sessions). I immediately found that my general hypnotherapy sessions became more grounded and intuitive, and my confidence grew much stronger. I also knew that I’d be prepped for those moments in general sessions when a client needs something even deeper; I’ve had a number of sessions since PLR/LBL training when I instinctively knew the client needed to talk with their council or receive healing or deeper insights and I knew exactly what to do. 
      I has also changed my own perception of life; I no longer have any fear of dying and I have come to terms so so many things in my personal life, now that I have a much fuller perspective."

      -Katie London
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