Can you motivate yourself with hypnosis? Is hypnotherapy the key to unlocking your ambition?

In the past, we’ve written about hypnosis for procrastination. And we outlined why and how it can help you stop procrastinating and start getting more accomplished.

The idea is simple: Hypnosis can helps us break old subconscious thinking habits that are keeping us from making progress. Like fear of failure. Or being overly critical. Or lacking confidence. Hypnosis can retrain the subconscious to stop these harmful habits and reframe them more positively.

But what if you’re not a procrastinator? What if you just don’t feel the motivation, drive and ambition to even reach your goals?

Hypnosis can help you too. Like procrastination, a lack of motivation is caused by flawed subconscious thinking. We might avoid a particular task because we’re overwhelmed, or we’re focused on how unpleasant the task will be.

In other words, we’ve trained the subconscious not to be a positive, encouraging supporter. Instead, the subconscious – that inner voice in our heads – becomes a detractor, a bad influence telling us that we shouldn’t even try.

That’s where hypnosis comes it.

Using hypnosis, we can directly influence how the mind responds to adversity, and transform it into a powerful ally – your No. 1 cheerleader, motivating and encouraging you to forge ahead.

How does that work exactly? How does hypnosis motivate and inspire us to reach and exceed our goals?

We’ll talk about hypnosis for motivation in-depth in this blog, as well as highlight some of the common reasons you might be lacking motivation, how it’s different from procrastination, and what you can do to get started.

Are You Lacking Motivation?

Let’s say you don’t feeling like cleaning your car on a Saturday. You put it off and put it off. Sure, you’re not motivated, but it’s just that task. You might still thrive at work and in your hobbies. A lack of ambition isn’t ruling over your life.

For others, it’s a much different story.

Not feeling motivated doesn’t just affect small tasks like cleaning the car. It affects work, relationships; over time it can cause depression and anxiety. This is when a lack of motivation becomes severe and problematic.

But the first type, when left unattended, can develop into chronic motivation troubles. How can you prevent that? By recognizing the warning signs. When you lack motivation, you might notice yourself:

  • Losing interest in subjects fast
  • Procrastinating
  • Putting things off
  • Failing to finish tasks
  • Losing track of goals and objectives
  • Feeling like you could be accomplishing more
  • Feeling depressed, anxious or gloomy

Are you experiencing those symptoms? It might just be one or two – or you might experience all of them on a daily basis. Recognizing these symptoms and being more in-tune with your thoughts – which is one way hypnosis can help — is the first step in kicking your lack of motivation to the curb and getting things done.

How Hypnosis for Motivation Can Help You Feel More Ambitious

A lack of drive is often caused by habitual negative thinking. We’ve trained the mind to think about a particular task in a certain way and avoid doing it.

For example, let’s say you wanted to start a new hobby like learning to play the piano. Picking up an instrument requires tons and tons of motivation and a lot of hard work.

So why can some achieve it, while others can’t?

There are numerous reasons a lack of motivation keeps us from reaching goals. For some, it’s a fear of failure. The idea of not being good is too much – and the subconscious has been trained to persuade us to avoid it.

For others, it might be opposite – a fear of success. The subconscious has spent so much time feeling unfulfilled that it’s decided that’s how we want to live, and it prevents us from acting.

Those are just two reasons. There are numerous reasons we don’t pursue our goals. A few common reasons include:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed: A complex task can easily overwhelm us. Rather than get started, it’s easier to just not. The subconscious won’t allow us to break a task down into manageable parts – we just see it broadly and we can’t even begin to think where to begin.
  • Negative Self-Talk: Your subconscious can be positive and supporting, or it can be negative and dissauding. A lack of motivation is often caused by letting the subconscious tell us that we’re not good enough, or that we shouldn’t even try.
  • People Pleasing: People pleasers always think about others before themselves. And this causes a problem. They don’t get a chance to think about what it is they want, and what their goals are. The subconscious must be re-trained put you first.
  • Lack of Interest: A lot of times, tasks are boring. No one wants to clean a bathroom, or put together a new resume. This fear of a taking being uninteresting prevents us from actually doing it.
  • Lack of Confidence: When we don’t believe in ourselves, it’s much easier to not do something. We have to retrain the mind to expect success and to build confidence. Hypnosis is great for building confidence.
  • Focusing on the Unpleasantness: Some tasks aren’t pleasant, but they have to get done. Cleaning the oven, balancing a checkbook, paying bills. When we let the subconscious think about how hard or unpleasant a task will be, that can prevent us from checking tasks off our to-do lists.
  • Procrastination: Finally, procrastination might be the root cause of our motivational troubles. When we let the mind put tasks off, we fall into a cycle. Overcoming procrastination is one of the most effect ways to improve motivation.

These are just some of the common reasons we don’t feel drive. There are more. In fact, many external factors like depression, anxiety and stress are also reasons we avoid getting things done.

In all the majority of these are responses to stimuli. We think about doing laundry, or starting a new workout regime, and that stimuli sends an electrical charge up to the brain that says, “Hey, there’s this thing I have to do, how should I respond.”

Up in the subconscious, the mind processes all the information it has: Past experiences, attitudes, beliefs, and comes up with a plan.

The problem: Over time, we’ve trained the subconscious to respond negatively. To put things off and avoid the hard or unpleasant task. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for releasing those unhelpful automatic responses and replacing them with a response that motivates and kicks you into action.

Getting Started with Hypnosis for Motivation

OK, so we know what the symptoms of a lack of motivation are, and some of the reasons that we don’t allow ourselves to be successful. But how can we overcome those subconscious patterns of thought?

One reason hypnosis is so effective is that it allows us to work directly with the subconscious mind.

In hypnosis, we relax the mind and body, and we get to a hyper attentive, deeply relaxed state. It’s similar to meditation or daydreaming. And in this state, we can speak directly to the subconscious and provide it with helpful suggestions. These carefully worded suggestions, can thusly, help empower the subconscious to change and unseat some of those harmful patterns that control our lives.

In particular, hypnosis helps to empower the subconscious in a few unique ways. Hypnosis helps us:

  • Get Excited About Success: The wanting to achieve success is a powerful motivator. And through hypnosis, we can change how the mind views success. In particular, we can use hypnosis to get the subconscious excited about reaching goals and achieving success.
  • Improving Our Sense of Responsibility: We have a personal responsibility to get things done – whether we want to or not. Yet, this sense of responsibility can become diminished over time. Hypnosis can help us to foster and reestablish this sense of drive – a powerful tool for keeping us motivated.
  • Removing Negative Thinking Patterns: Many of those causes of a lack of motivation – fear of failure, feeling overwhelmed, etc. — require us to work with the subconscious, and reprogram its natural, automatic responses. Through hypnosis, we can feed the subconscious suggestions for new, more positive ways of dealing.
  • Building Confidence: If we envision success and even expect it, we’re much more likely to achieve it and stay motivated. Through hypnosis, we can reprogram the subconscious to be a powerful ally, encouraging and helping us to belief in our abilities.

What Can You Expect from Motivational Hypnosis?

You’ll notice effects after a single hypnosis session – whether you perform self-hypnosis at home, listen to a recording, or go to a one-on-one hypnosis session. A few things to consider:

  • Short-Term Benefits: A single hypnosis session will help you to feel relief, a sense of calm and it can greatly alter your mood. If you’re feeling anxious about starting a project, or stress from piling up deadlines, a self- or guided hypnotherapy session will help you to calm the mind, refocus your energy, and energize you to stay motivated.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Practicing self-hypnosis or going to one-on-one sessions regularly will empower you to find sustained motivation. You’ll be rebuilding your subconscious to encourage and push you to succeed. A regular hypnosis plan will help you foster ambition and passion, and help you completely remove unhelpful subconscious thinking patterns.

And there is research to back up those findings.

A 2012 study, for example, examined how hypnosis could help people with anxiety overcome procrastination. After undergoing hypnotherapy, the participants reported lower procrastination scores, which suggests that hypnosis can improve motivation. Another study found that hypnosis could help roughly half of college students in the study overcome procrastination.

Plenty of other studies have shown that hypnosis can alter our perception about tasks and subjects, i.e. helping us overcome perceptions of a task being overwhelming or impossible, and improve our focus, as well. The ability to focus on a single task can help motivate us to achieve tasks and reach our goals.

Try Motivational Hypnosis Today

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